User Policy

FHS Acceptable Use Policy (AUP)
It is my responsibility as a student to inform my parents that they are to attend the Parent Laptop Seminar Thursday, July 22nd at 6:00pm (held in my first hour class). At this event my parents can pay the laptop insurance premium of $50.00 with a check or money order to my first hour teacher. Cash payments and payment plans are arranged in room 606. If I have not yet received a student handbook, I understand that I can view it online at  If my registration at FHS occurs after July 22nd, I must have a parent pay the necessary fees and sign the AUP in room 606.
Students must transport their laptop in the cardboard box until parents have signed the AUP and paid necessary fees. Students are not to damage, lose, or vandalize the cardboard box. Once fee and signature obligations are met, students will receive a carrying case for their laptop that must be used. Students may not leave school property with a laptop until parents have signed the AUP and paid necessary fees. Leaving campus with a laptop without following proper procedures will result in off campus suspension and the possibility of felony theft charges.
It is important that you take the time to read the Acceptable Use Policy and Student Handbook. Students will be held responsible for their behavior based on the policies, rules, and regulations as set forth in this handbook and approved by the F.U.S.D. School Board.
By clicking the accept button, I agree to follow all rules, policies, and procedures set fourth in the Acceptable Use Policy and Student handbook.